What Ju Jutsu means?



Everybody can learn Ju Jutsu

Ju Jutsu combines the most effective techniques from martial arts such as Karate, Judo, Aikido and many more.

Ju Jutsu teaches agility, cleverness, falling without any harm, and a multitude of useful defense tricks.


Fun and benefit at the sports club

Ju Jutsu means body fitness   -   Ju Jutsu teaches elegant motions  -  Ju Jutsu is instructed by qualified black belts - Ju Jutsu does not cost much


Everyone is looking for safety

Violence among humans is an everyday problem. Those who learn Ju Jutsu become self-confident. A strong and sure person does not fear any violence and will never afflict any violence on others without being attacked.

Belt examination

Ju Jutsu students may do Kyu exams, starting from yellow belt to orange, green, blue, and  brown.

A Ju Jutsu master has to be 18 years of age to go for 1st degree black belt. A Grandmaster receives the 6th degree red-white belt by appointment of the Association.


 Ju Jutsu competition

Ju Jutsu features two different competition systems. One is the Fighting system based on the international IJJF rules. This kind of combat includes boxing, kicking, throwing and ground combat in three separate parts. Precise rules prevent severe injuries. Tournaments start from regional events up to World title events. A second kind of competition is called Duo system. There a team of either two partners alternating with the opposing team demonstrates martial arts techniques to a jury.



                                                                               Don’t you want to join Ju Jutsu? It is fun – just try it.