SC Fudji Ahrensburg – History



The SC Fudji Ahrensburg was founded in 1976 as a Judo club. Walter Koblitz was the first instructor. He had received his 2nd degree Judo black belt in Tokio, Japan. Today there is no Judo section active any more. In 1978 police officer Wolfgang Keitel (3rd degree black belt) had started the Ju Jutsu section. Almost two decades he headed the Ju Jutsu section as Master Instructor. During this time the former National Coach Peter Nehls (8th degree Ju Jutsu, 4th degree Aikido) was sometimes invited to teach at standard training hours. Nehls and Keitel knew each other from common service at the German border control police.



Often Aikidokas joined the lessons by Nehls, for in 1980 Christiane Zanter had established an Aikido section at the SC Fudji. Christiane Zanter was a very engaged Aikido instructor. She was able to motivate more than 100 students. But everything was focussed onto her impressive personality. When she moved to another town, the Aikido group slowly disintegrated.


During the 1990s the Ju Jutsu fighters of the SC Fudji entered into a common team with another local martial arts club. Some fighters of this team were pretty successful on a state level. Dragan Vasiljevic, master student of Henrik Stoldt, won some titles as state champion. When the tournament rules where changed to the international system and the German Ju Jutsu Federation in 2000 launched a revised instruction programme, some veteran Ju Jutsu members left this style of martial arts for good. Today the SC Fudji Ahrensburg is teaching Ju Jutsu to kids of 6 up to seniors of 50+.